The murder of a friend or foe is likely not done by an enlightened one.

How does one see the bright edges of eternity?

Is this the end for one life’s purpose…

to save the soul of another ?

For in dying we live yet those who remain behind do not.

They suffer for the what if’s and the why’s … Not knowing until the end of life – when we all meet again.

Soul to soul whispers unheard…

Now growing louder as we greet the ones … who left us too early in the earthly realm.

Too early for us, yet part of their plan

the human mind will never understand.

Should we live forever in our body’s shell? What would we learn then of life, of sickness, of poverty and death… To help others along the path?

Perspective is the key here to our earthly existence, with all the  limitations. Some with more and some with less.

The cycle of life is the mystery

who begins it and who ends it is unknown to thee.

Yet we move forward each day with hope in our hearts, even broken in two and try to forgive the hate of the dark … For in doing so our lives take on a greater meaning,

and give us a reason to live another day.