Banyan Tree
The twisted roots of the banyan tree
hide a haunted past
I see a face among the vines whose echoes
last……..through the centuries.
I sink into the depths so fast,
I’m down into the secret world
sliding, falling, surrounded by mist..

Gone are blue sky and reflections of water
now I see darkness, cold and thick
Where does it lead, what is this trip?
Down, down I go as I close my eyes…. Im the last to know.

Where will it lead where will I go? Into the mystic … I know and trust, my fate is determined by my own thoughts. Onward I go now into the light!

Upward journey there I rise.

Now, as I open my eyes, I’m part of the ether
and all that is…. present, past and future.
To know the journey is to know your fate, create it and believe it
feel its weight.
NOW, live it be it and share its vision so others may ride the joy
to ever lasting freedom.

S. Nefzger/9-1-2015